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This page is for your memories of Pixie Hollow. You can comment them below. Feel free to comment on other comments too.


12 thoughts on “Your Memories

  1. Rose MorningMist

    I remember flying through meadows in quiet servers, desperately trying to find enough ingredients to buys clothing. I remember days spent role playing with friends, attending fashion contests, and decorating houses. But most of all I remember the excitement I would feel when I first logged on, and was able to spread my wings and fly again. 🙂

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  2. Raven

    Wow. Here are my memories of Pixie Hollow:
    Raven wasn’t my first account. I had very many. I wouldn’t even keep the emails, I just dressed them up. I would always make them with blonde hair, blue eyes, and light skin. My older sister looked at the fairies I had made and asked me why I hadn’t made any that looked like me. Thus, Raven was born. I don’t have any pictures of her on her arrival day, but she had beautiful maple brown skin (just like me) and dark brown hair that bordered on being completely raven black (also just like me). I don’t remember why I picked this specific name for her. The only reason I can think of is that my brothers girlfriend at the time was named Raven and was the essence of coolness.
    I arrived in Cottonpuff Field on December 11th, 2009. There was a group of fairies there that threw me a little arrival day party. There was a banner across the meadow that said something I can’t remember and a small table underneath. I had arrived just three months too late to officially be called a founding fairy, but my other accounts would be called them now. I did a whole bunch of quests and got all the things I could that didn’t require membership. I remember flying to Brook’s Basics and buying a blue basic non-member outfit. I later deleted this outfit, though I wish I hadn’t. I don’t remember why it was blue. I thought they were either your talent color or white. I was a garden-talent, so it didn’t make any sense for my outfit to be blueberry blue, but it was.
    My older sister, the same one that told me that I should make a fairy that looked like me, became very involved at this point. She played games for me to get more ingredients, and we basically shared this account. I remember a handwritten note from her was stuck to my computer telling me how many levels of the firefly game that was in Springtime Orchard I had to play. She would buy me membership cards, and, because I was young and dumb, decided to only buy shirts or skirts of outfits, leaving me with mismatched outfits. I remember one day, the day before my membership would end, I dyed Raven’s hair amethyst purple because I thought it was pretty. I also remember having a pair of pepper black boots with petal pink decals that I thought looked so pretty I was constantly searching for the matching outfit.
    After this, I didn’t have much time for Pixie Hollow due to my heart disease, procedure, and stroke. I went on a couple years later. I found Raven by chance, because I was looking through and trying all my passwords and usernames. I like to think Raven and I chose each other, because I had made this fairy to make my sister happy, not to make me happy. These things switched though. I became more comfortable in the skin I’m in, and Raven became a fluctuating depiction of how I felt. Whether it was light skin and red hair when I was feeling mysterious or angry, or dark skin and electric colored hair when I felt daring, I was Raven, and Raven was me. Only on rare occasions would Raven look like her original self, the dark, troubled thing that represented my soul then and now.
    I can post more memories of my later years as Raven or what I thought of the end of Pixie Hollow if some people are curious.

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  3. Crystal Cutetwinkle

    I remember feeling very happy when my story got posted on the Pixie Postings. 🙂

    I also remember feeling very annoyed when PH closed a month and a day before I turned into a one year fairy. 😦

    I’d only played on PH for 11 months, but I got REALLY addited to it! 😛

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    1. Rose MorningMist

      lol Crystal 😛
      I remember that it was only a few weeks before my fairies 5th Birthday. I used to joke that one of the reasons they closed was because they didn’t have a 5th year badge. 😛

      Then, just recently, I was looking at other people’s blogs and found a picture of a pixie’s profile and they had a 5th year badge! I was really mad 😛

      So I took a snip of it so that I had my own 😛 🙂

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  4. Snowflake Fancypuff

    hmm…my pixie memories! *fun*

    To begin, I actually played Pixie Hollow and fell in love with it sometime when it first opened. I made a water fairy named Isabella Moondance. I remember being frustrated that, because I wasn’t a member, I couldn’t play any of the games. I wanted to purchase a membership but I didn’t have the money to do so. I kept coming back to PH, wishing I could play – but it was a very difficult time in my life, and I couldn’t.

    Fast forward many years

    It’s 2013, and my life has taken a miraculous turn for the better! Honestly, dreams do come true, and miracles are real.

    I’m happy and free, and I decide to revisit Pixie Hollow. By this time we were only allowed to have 1 fairy, and my old account was lost. So I created a new account and made a garden fairy, named Strawberry Merrywish. I wanted her to have a cheerful name.

    Unknown to me, I would only have 3 months to play Pixie Hollow, because 3 months later, the Hollow closed.

    I purchased a bronze membership, thinking I would try it out to see if I really enjoyed the Hollow, and, if I did, I’d purchase a gold membership.

    3 months later…I was definitely ready to become a gold member!

    And then the closing announcement came!

    I really did cry when I heard the news. Kevin, (my fiancé now, boyfriend at the time), had to comfort me.

    ~ * ~

    *Part II*

    My first memory, flying around as Strawberry Merrywish, was itching to get my fingers on a bottle of dye so I could change the color of my arrival day gown. This is before I got my bronze membership. I wanted to look cool, like the member fairies, because hardly no one would accept my friendship requests (I guessed it was became I wasn’t a member). So, I thought that if I dyed my dress, I could fool them!! *sigh – I’m so naive*

    Somehow, I got my hands on a bottle of dandelion yellow dye. I went to Daisy’s Dyes and dyed my snow white dress a pretty soft yellow. Then I sat in the lower branches of Cherry Blossom Heights, near Rosetta’s Garden, showing off my new look and beaming with pride and delight.

    I purchased my membership that afternoon because I wanted to be able to do anything in the Hollow.

    With my new bronze badge, I flitted to the Salon in Palm Tree Cove. So many beautiful hairstyles and colors to choose from! What do I choose though? (Just like Raven, I initially chose to dye my hair blonde – though I am a natural dark dark brown). Needless to say, my fairy didn’t yet look like “me.”

    I then went to Tinker’s Nook and made myself some clothes. I believe I dressed myself in a pretty red top and skirt.

    Eventually, I found my own true style, thank goodness! One of my favorite hairstyles was my pink pigtails during the start of Camp Pixie Dust. ❤


  5. ღAngieツ

    Wow, where should I even start.

    I remember my first fairy – Juniper who I have to this day. I don’t remember the month I made
    her in but the year was 2010. I am a gamer, so I was snooping around the web for online worlds where I could meet new people. Call me a social butterfly, but also you could call me bored because I was that back then too.
    I had just started high school, I remember nagging a friend to come join me and she did but quit the very same day. I also made my boy bestie an account but he didn’t like that we couldn’t use our mother tongue so he didn’t play either.
    Anyways, pretty soon after Stella was born. I became very obsessed with Winx back then, and I don’t know why Stella became the reflection of Winx’s Stella.She wasn’t always called Stella – she was called June at first but then Winx Club took over and well…., however, her hair was never blonde it was dark brown as mine and her eyes were brown too. Now her hair is cherryblossom red and her eyes are greenish. Juniper has always looked like me. I made her according to Juniper Lee but she ended up looking like me more.
    I’ve never been simple in this game. I always tried being unique even though I knew that as a non-member that was basically impossible, I always tried, even with the names of my fairies.
    Later on, a tinker talent whose name I can’t remember rn was born. I deleted her soon after because I felt I had chosen the wrong talent. I picked an animal talent fairy next. I played with her for a while and then I deleted her too. I made a garden talent who I called Harmony. I made her with the wrong hairstyle so in the process of remaking her I chose water for the talent and named my next – and last fairy Dewdrop. She was the youngest created in 2012 I believe. I couldn’t delete fairies anymore so she was what I was left with. I soon learned to love her though. She had black hair and these bright blue eyes and her skin was so dark. I have her now as well as you can see from my blog’s banner.


    What I remember is playing Snowy Lullaby lots and how it would make me sleepy at times.
    I also remember a fairy friend who is still my best friend now – Vanessa Twinklelily. She and I had lots of fun together. I remember once she couldn’t come and it was almost time to say goodbye to Pixie Hollow so she gave me her info so I could take snapshots of her fairy. It was so cool.

    I also remember going in the Hollow once as Stella when we all were members in 2013 and how I found the Never Unicorn. It was so glorious, I made an outfit from the unicorn collection with colors according to its mane and tail. I still miss that outfit so much.

    I also remember meeting my best friend Crystal Airshine. I was in Neverberry Thicket and she was online as well. We started playing hide and seek and stuff like that and we realized how much fun it all was. We exchanged info to keep in touch and well today we’re inseparable. We’ve done lots together, we’ve gone to parties, fashion shows, we’ve gone shopping.

    All I can say is joining in these virtual world games was a real life changer for me. It helped me escape the cruel reality I was living in, a world where I couldn’t get most of the things others had back then, a world where a single parent was raising me. I found a safe haven and made loads of friends through this game and a few others.

    I’m happy and thankful that most of my friends from Pixie Hollow still remember me and some are even my best friends now. I’m happy I was given a chance to be a part of something so great and I’m happy I used it and became what I am now – a weird, goofy semi-adult girl living a good life with lots of good friends and a virtual escape where they’ll always be at.

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