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Pixie Hollow Reunion

There is a person on Pixie Hollow Forums who had an idea of how to organize a pixie hollow reunion, so I thought I would put a link to the post here to try to let my followers know about it.


Fall Edit

Phoebe Bumbleflip pumpkinFor this edit I blended the original pumpkin collection with the new pumpkin collection, and added a little of my own style. 😉

Fly with you later!

Four Years

48 months. 208 weeks. 1461 days. 35064 hours. That’s how long it’s been since Pixie Hollow closed. I have no screenshots, no videos, no recording of my Pixie Hollow experience. I was not even able to see the last hours of Pixie Hollow, due to my confusion at whether 12pm was noon or midnight. Thinking it was midnight, I went to school and came back expecting to have a few more hours, but finding out I had none. For most of the time after the announcement of the closing, I had been focusing on trying to keep Pixie Hollow open, rather than storing memories away. I have cried so much over Pixie Hollow’s closing, and I wish so much that it could be back.

Fly with you later.

Never Fairies

I know that most people who read my blog know about Pixie Hollow, but not everything about Never Fairies. If you’ve read the books, you’ll know they are different than the movies, but you might not know that the movies actually take place before the books. I want to share my theories and maybe use them to write some stories, please give me your feedback.

Why Facebook is a Horcrux and Off-the-Grid Days

I know this isn’t like what I post, but I thought about how social media is like horcruxes, looked it up to see if anyone else thought that, and found this.

“Because Facebook is a horcrux” is my response to people who ask me why I don’t have one. According to the only true authority on the subject, J.K. Rowling, a horcrux is “a receptacle prepared by dark magic in which a Dark wizard has intentionally hidden a fragment of his soul for the purpose of attaining immortality.” To point out the similarities between a horcrux and Facebook, let’s walk through the entire process of creating a personal Facebook page.

Starting with entering your full name, date of birth, and contact information, one begins to inject one’s soul into the Internet. After these first steps, one is encouraged to state their specific taste in music, sports, television shows, movies, etc. There’s even an option to write a personality description. Furthermore, there’s an area to declare one’s political views, religious views, and relationship status. Little by little, one is splitting themselves into…

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