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I’m going through a hard time.

This past year I have been dealing with anxiety and depression. Sometimes the depression makes me feel like there is no point in life, and sometimes the anxiety just tortures me with thoughts that I cannot make go away. I hope that I will find a way to make it stop.


Is the Pixie Hollow community dying?

I feel like the Pixie Hollow community is dying, both the blogs and PHF. A lot of bloggers have left in the past 4 years, and the forums are barely active. So many people have moved on, leaving me to wonder if the community will last or if eventually we will all lose hope.

Pixie Chat Discord Server

For those of you who do not know, the pixie chat was a google hangout that was created for the PBC. It got stolen, then remade, then stolen again, because google hangouts allows anyone to remove people and change the name. So i had the idea to make a pixie chat on Discord, which is a thing where you can voice chat and message people, but only the staff can remove people and change the name and stuff. It is free to get, and I put the link to join below.

New story!

Phoebe woke up. The book on her bed was closed, but she remembered what page she was on. She walked over to her closet and got dressed, putting on her favorite hat and her blue pumpkin boots after she put on her dress. She grabbed her book and flew out of the door.

Four Years

48 months. 208 weeks. 1461 days. 35064 hours. That’s how long it’s been since Pixie Hollow closed. I have no screenshots, no videos, no recording of my Pixie Hollow experience. I was not even able to see the last hours of Pixie Hollow, due to my confusion at whether 12pm was noon or midnight. Thinking it was midnight, I went to school and came back expecting to have a few more hours, but finding out I had none. For most of the time after the announcement of the closing, I had been focusing on trying to keep Pixie Hollow open, rather than storing memories away. I have cried so much over Pixie Hollow’s closing, and I wish so much that it could be back.

Fly with you later.