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The Animal Masquerade

Sorry I haven’t posted recently. I’ve been busy in school.  Anyway, the Animal Masquerade was an event on pixie hollow that was the fairy version of Halloween. You could dress up in different animal costumes and they had trick or treating.  They also had special furniture so you could have a fairy Halloween party in your house. Fly with you later!Image


Memories of Camp Pixie Dust

Camp Pixie Dust was the special event on Pixie Hollow that they had every summer. Every talent group got a troop. The animal talents were Troop Rabbit, the water talents were Troop Otter, the garden talents were Troop Butterfly, the light talents were Troop Glowworm, and the tinker talents were Troop Turtle. There were uniforms for each troop. They also had special decorations for fairy houses like tents, campfires, and troop banners. In the most recent Camp Pixie Dust they had a quest for the Never Unicorn. That’s all I have to say about Camp Pixie Dust for now, but I will update if I remember anything else. Fly with you later!Image