The story so far… (Pixie Hollow’s New Age)

(If you’re confused about the tree thing, early art of the pixie dust tree looked like the picture I added to this post.)

A loud rumbling shook Pixie Hollow. Unbeknownst to the fairies, Kyto had awoken. Kyto the dragon had been sleeping in Never Land’s volcano for thousands of years, so long that the fairies didn’t even know he existed.


As soon as she heard the sound, Fawn woke up. Is that…could that have been Gruff? she thought hopefully. She flew as quickly as she could to the neverbeast’s cave, not telling anyone her hopes in case he had not woken up.

On her way to the cave, a messenger talent stopped her, saying, “The pixie dust tree is turning LAVENDER! Or maybe a purplish blue, but the point is that it’s changing color.”

“Does that have anything to do with the rumble?”

“According to Terence, who was there when it happened, the rumbling caused him to fall out of the tree. When he got back up, he saw the edges of the leaves were not green anymore.”

“Oh, I guess it has nothing to do with Gruff then,” Fawn said sadly.

The messenger shook her head. “Some fairies are panicking, as we don’t know what this means for Pixie Hollow. I really need to go, but if you want to try to find answers, go to the library.” At that, the messenger flew off.


Tinker Bell, always trying to solve problems, went to the library. After searching for hours, she found an illustration of the Pixie Dust tree with dusky, light-purplish-blue leaves. The rest of the book was riddled with holes from the bookworm, so she planned to talk to the keeper the next day.


Rosetta was inspecting the pixie dust tree along with all the other garden talents, trying to see if it was sick or if there was another cause. After they concluded their inspection, Rosetta reminded them of the one Zarina had grown. They flew to it, and sure enough, it was also turning blue. Rosetta went to Zarina’s workshop and found her writing in her notebook. “Zarina, have you heard about what’s happening to the pixie dust tree?” “Who hasn’t?” Zarina replied. “Well, it’s happening to the one you grew too.” “Oh! I’ll examine the dust and compare it to my previously-taken supply. If you see my apprentice, tell her to come in.”




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