Element Quiz!

Find out your element with this cool quiz I found! 😉

Pixie Hollow - Our Biggest Secret

Hey everyone,

So recently, I was taking some personality quizzes (because why not?) and stumbled across this particular quiz:


Intrigued, I took the quiz and end up getting (surprise, surprise) Water!  😛

elements2I was pretty happy with my result (obviously, I mean, I am a Water Talent). It also came with a description underneath:

 Your element is WATER.
There is a lot of depth to you, probably much more than you let on. You prefer peace and little conflict but have no issue standing your ground when you are wronged. You have deep emotional currents, some you can’t even explain, many might be intuitive. You must remember that despite your strong empathy, you cannot judge people so quickly. You also need to learn that it is okay to say no. Your avoidance of problems leaves you in more trouble then when you deal with them. That aside you are…

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