The Pillars of the Elements

Here is the link to a story I have been working on.


8 thoughts on “The Pillars of the Elements

  1. Snowflake Fancypuff

    Hi Phoebe,
    I just finished reading your story!
    Oooo ~ **SPOILER ALERT**
    So you have the songspell casting talent AND the shape-shifting talent!
    And you can transform into a pink jewel-scaled dragon!! 😍
    Can I be in your story, too?? 😊
    I really love your story!! I can’t wait to read what comes next!
    One of my favorite parts is when your brother Andy gets his wings…and they are blue dragon wings (totally manly πŸ˜‰).

    ~ * ~

    How much more of the story do you have written?

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