You know, I’ve always found it ironic that people think I’m a good writer. Writing is extremely hard for me, even writing two paragraphs. That’s why I don’t post often. I try to post, but I rarely come up with anything, and when I do, there’s not much. Please understand that it’s not that I don’t want to write, it’s that it is so hard.


8 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. Rose MorningMist

    It’s ok Phoebe – personally, I think it’s really inspiring that you keep striving to blog and role-play and chat, even though it’s hard for you, and what you do write is amazing. Taking a little longer to write stuff isn’t always a bad thing – sometimes it means you get a chance to think over what you’re writing, which makes it better. I admire that you keep on writing posts; don’t give up! ❤

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      1. Rose MorningMist

        I know, and I can’t begin to imagine how frustrating it must be – and yet, you still keep doing it, which is what’s so inspiring ❤


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