Does anyone else have this happen?

Does anyone else ever feel really sad sometimes? As I’ve gotten older it feels like some emotions don’t feel as strong as they used to, but sadness seems stronger. It just is confusing sometimes…


4 thoughts on “Does anyone else have this happen?

  1. Quicksilver Cloudshimmer

    I get sad sometimes too. It happens in the winter more than the Spring and summer because in the winter there is less sunshine. Doctor’s call this SAD, Seasonal Defective Disorder. It is very common. We need the sunshine for the chemicals in our brains to work properly for our moods. When there is less sun we get sad more. I just had a bout of it this week before Easter.
    Just remember if it gets really bad you can get a special light to sit by, it will help your mood.

    Take care
    Fairy hugs to you.mmI always said that in Pixie Hollow to all Fairies.

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  2. Quicksilver Cloudshimmer

    I am glad you don’t have i,t I like reading your blog.
    I wrote to another blogger that maybe all you fairies that plan activities could get together and set up a day every couple of weeks or once a month, for all us fairies to go to worlize and visit.

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